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Posted by wanna be bigger on October 19, 2000 at 23:54:34:

In Reply to: TO: Wanna Be Bigger/Here's Your Program posted by John Nixon on October 19, 2000 at 02:47:13:

First off thanks for all the help.
the second thing is I was wondering if I could have your e-mail if I have n e questions

: You've got several areas to attack. Let's address the mental first - don't tell everyone you're weightlifting. Most people are ignorant of the weight training process and if they don't see you spilling over with muscle, they assume you're not progressing. This is an endeavor that's measured in inches and pounds small steps at a time. Concentrate your energy on your workouts...

: Second, your diet must change. Your caloric intake is just enough to support 130 pounds and no more. But before you begin to increase your food intake, understand that in order for you to grow and your body to change, you have to experience some discomfort. Here's the good part: if you consistently follow a high calorie, healthy diet, weight train correctly three times a week, YOU WILL GROW. How much is determined by your genetic limitations but you will grow...okay, let's get started:

: Breakfast: you must consume a variety of foods from this list: eggs, porkchops, oatmeal, toast, muffins, bacon, pancakes, waffles, juice (white grape is high calorie).

: Lunches: turkey, chicken, roast beef sandwiches with tomatoes, lettuce, olives, alfalfa sprouts, rye/wheat, pita or sub bread. Toss in some fruit of your choice, chips and milk.

: Dinner: Endless possibilities here. Eat a lot! Fish, lean ground beef, steaks, chops, meat loaf, pot roast, pot pies. Have a vegetable every day (at least one baked potatoe per day). Good desserts are pudding, low fat ice cream.

: Snacks: you must have three good meals every day plus two snacks: yogurt, raisins, nuts, granola bars, etc.

: Shakes: consume one to two shakes a day in addition to the milk at meals. There are many weight gain protein powders on the market but I suggest a protein high in calories without a lot of fat (less than 10 grams per serving).

: Weights:
: You didn't mention exercises for the back, legs or shoulders. Keep this in mind: you goal is to train hard but brief: hard enough to stimulate growth but brief enough to get adequate rest to allow growth to happen. Do not follow the workouts of world class bodybuilders. Six or even four workouts a week will not work for you. Train no more than 3 times a week and don't waste time on isolated movements...

: Monday -
: Squats 3 sets, 10-8-6 reps, increase wt each set
: Bench Press - same as squats
: Barbell Presses - same
: Pulldowns - if equipment available 2 sets, 10-8
: Abdominal Work (if you can do 200 situps, you need to provide resistance). Hold a 10 pound plate behind your head during bent legged situps. Do 3 sets of 20.

: Wednesday -
: Squats - 3 sets, 10-8-6
: Deadlifts - 3 sets, 6-4-2
: Chin ups - 2 sets x as many reps as possible
: Calf Raises - 3 sets, 12-15 reps per set

: Friday -
: Bench Press 3 sets, 10-8-6
: Barbell Presses 2 sets, 8-6
: Shoulders Shrugs 2 sets, 12-10
: Barbell Curls 2 sets, 8-6

: Work hard! Strive to perform exercises in good form but not perfect. You must strive to constantly add weight to your exercises. That's what builds size and strength. The body is very resistant to change so you must force it to grow but it's worth it! Good luck!


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