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Decline Presses might help

Decline Presses might help

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Posted by Silas on December 14, 2000 at 15:49:42:

In Reply to: Irregular Chest Muscle Shape, please help posted by Kevin on November 18, 2000 at 22:23:32:

Hi Kevin,

Anatomically, the muscles below the chest, I believe, are the upper abs, and those muscles you can see on body builders that follow the pattern of the rib cage. Definitely talk to other people in your gym about this. Personal trainers know anatomy pretty well, they might be able to tell you what's the matter.

One solution I can think of is developing your lower pecs more. To hit your lower pecs, do decline presses. A decline bench is the opposite of an incline. When your on a decline, your knees are higher than your chest, so the angle in which you push the weight hits your lower chest more. Some exercises you can do are: decline bench presses, decline dumbbell presses and decline flyes. They all target your lower chest. Also, make sure you are using your pecs maximally when you bench, that might mean going lighter on decline presses, and focusing on trying to squeeze your pecs together, making them move the weight, not your triceps and shoulders. If you don't feel your chest getting fatigued when your doing decline benches, lower the weight, you might be using your arms more to move the weight. Remember, shoulders and triceps are secondary muscles when you bench, and pecs are primary.

Don't worry about how much weight you bench, don't go heavy just to show off, worry more about the pump your pecs are getting. This message is just a hypothesis, go to other people for other opinions until you find what works. I think if you carve out your lower pecs, they might stick out farther the muscle you described in your letter.

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