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Re: diet for a lean, muscular bod

Re: diet for a lean, muscular bod

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Posted by LynnB on December 22, 1999 at 11:56:38:

In Reply to: diet for a lean, muscular bod posted by Bobby on December 15, 1999 at 21:11:55:

: I need advice on what kind of things to eat(say, for lunch) if I'm going for the tight, muscular look. I've been overdoing the carbos for the last few years(bagels, pasta, etc.) and I think I have to switch my strategy. I work-out six days a week(alternating aerobic/weights) but my body is still somewhat "soft" in apperance. Ideas?

Hi! I'm LynnB, a nutritionist and fitness trainer. Following the food pyramid guide is good enough
for most people. That means, yes pastas and breads are ok for most of us, but make sure you
get in 3-5 servings of vegetables each day, 2-3 of fruits, and a bit of protein at each meal. This
can take considerable planning, but often makes one feel great.

As for the firm look: If you've got a healthy diet, then the firm comes from working out. Take a look
at revamping your workouts. I find that cross-training (a variety of cardio activities) and lifting
weights keeps me feeling and looking my best. Nevertheless, let's face it, our genes are our
genes. We can't totally change our body types/physiques. For examle, some people carry fat
around their waist (take my husband.) He'd really have to workout for hours every day and stay on
a strict diet to reduce this fat. It's in the genes, and most of us don't have hours a day to devote
to our workouts!! Another example, my legs will never be long and slim. They're short and
muscular. I'm satisfied because I know that I'm the best I can be for now.

Good luck!

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