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Re: Completely natural weight-loss, and the motivation to go with it...

Re: Completely natural weight-loss, and the motivation to go with it...

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Posted by LynnB on December 24, 1999 at 11:02:44:

In Reply to: Completely natural weight-loss, and the motivation to go with it... posted by WillyD on December 22, 1999 at 15:48:34:

: I was wondering if there are any ABSOLUTLELY NATURAL weight-loss pills or
: herbs/vitamins/minerals that one can buy over-the-counter? I want to lose weight, but I want to do it
: in a healthy way. I'm 18 years old, around 5'11, and 220-225 lbs. I'm also Diabetic. My doctor isn't
: giving me much help; maybe you guys and girls can. I need totally natural supplememnts, and any
: other info you can give. Also, how do you guys stay motivated in your weightloss? I really can't get
: into a 'routine' becuase I want instantaneous results. I know I won't lose fifty lbs. overnight, but I'm
: not patient enough to wait six months. Have any tips on staying motivated and focused? Thanks in
: advance for any help you give.

: --WillyD

Hi WillyD. I'm LynnB, a nutritionist/fitness trainer. This is just my opinion and I'll say it over and
over again. I don't believe in using any kind of pill until you've really tried the exercise/diet route.
Please don't get fooled by this jargin word "natural". Just because something says natural or because
something is an herb doesn't necessarily mean it can't have detrimental effects on your health.
Some herbs are good to take for ailments etc. but there's no magic cure/pill.

Here's my advice. Take it or leave it. Get a notepad/calendar that you can make your special health goal
agenda. Write down your long-term goals for health and wellness. Next, write down down a goal
for just one month. For example, "lose 5 lbs." Make it realistic!! Next, list several things that
you think could help you reach your goal (general): Ex: exercise more and eat better. And lastly,
make a goal for the week that you absolutely know you can accomplish. Be very specific.
For example: This week I will go for a power walk on Mon, Wed, and Fri. for 20 minutes after school.
That's just an example, make up one that's unique for you. Then do it. If you can't do your goal,
don't get down, just get right back on track (that's the way it is for most people). If you manage
your goal for the week, then add on another goal the next week. Ex: I will eat one more vegetable/fruit for a
snack each day. How: Ask mom/dad to buy 5 apples just for me, take one to school each day,
eat apple before other snack stuff. I try to add in healthy foods instead of telling myself not to eat
something supposedly bad (don't go down that road.)

Anyway, slow changes really take a constant effort, but are worth the reward: Good, healthy
habits. Please don't go for a quick fix, it will probably let you down. But when you have a daily
goal you can give yourself a pat on the back each day you live a bit healthier. You're worth it!!
So be patient with the weight loss and think--health first! Good Luck! LynnB

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