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Posted by Chris Edwards on May 25, 2000 at 01:29:45:

In Reply to: Re: CARDIO VS. WEIGHTS posted by Superman on May 15, 2000 at 23:31:37:

>Only do cardio. To tell you the truth, lifting
>weights isn't really for women. You can lift
>weights if you want to, but if you wanna look
>good and tone up, spend a lot of time doing
>cardio and watching your nutrition (don't eat
>too many calories and don't eat too much fat).

In all actuality, here is the lowdown on cardio and weight training. Believe it or not, they are practically exact opposites. Cardio is catabolic (meaning it BURNS bodily tissue) wheras weight traning is anabolic (meaning it BUILDS bodily tissue).

The problem with cardio is that it can burn one of two types of bodily tissue, Fat or Muscle. If taken to excess, it burns muscle off. Have you ever seen a built distance runner? I think not... Of course they are all slim, but they have very little muscle.

Both cardio and weight training raise your metabolism (which can induce burning of fat). So both do work to help rid your body of fat. Now let me express the reasons I believe that no excersice program with a goal of losing fat is complete without a good weight training program. Here goes:

1.) After a weight training session, your metabolism is raised, and remains raised for a period of approximately 24 hours. With cardio, your metabolism is also raised, but only remains raised for a period of 30 minutes to an hour.

2.) It is a very well known fact that muscle burns calories. Approximately 12 calories a day (I believe) for each pound of muscle (and this is while sitting still). What this means is that the more muscle you have, the EASIER it is to lose weight because you are burning more calories per day even when sitting still or sleeping. In my personal experience, I have gained over 30 lbs of muscle in the last year and a half, and if I eat the same amount of food I did when I started, I will lose weight. I have to eat MORE just to stay the same weight. In fact, when I am trying to lose weight, I STILL eat more food than I did when I was out of shape! Back then, that amount of food made me fat, now that amount of food actually causes me to lose weight.

3.) Weight training creates hard, firm muscles. So you say you want a set of washboard abs? Cardio isn't gonna get em for you. You can shed all the fat you want, but if there is no muscle on your abs, how are you gonna see what is not there? However, the converse is true. You can have HUGE abs, but if you don't shed the fat (which is where cardio comes in) you won't see them. No matter what fancy ab machine you bought off the tv, unless you diet and do cardio and lose weight, you will never have abs.

Well, thats about all that comes to mind. I hope this has been informative. Questions? Comments? Email me!


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