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About a low-carb diet

About a low-carb diet

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Posted by Chris Edwards on May 25, 2000 at 02:07:58:

In Reply to: Thanks! posted by Terri on May 10, 2000 at 12:51:26:

Low carb diets (aka ketogenic diets) can be a great tool to lose fat. They work by depriving your body of sugar to produce glucose (which is what the body burns for fuel) it has to burn an alternative fuel. And guess what that alternative fuel is? You got it...FAT! Your body converts fat to ketones (hence the name ketogenic diet) and you begin to burn them as energy instead of glucose.

Why is this good you ask? Well, your body is not as effecient at burning ketones as it is glucose. In otherwords it takes MORE calories worth of ketones to perform the same amount of work that would be done with much less calories worth of glucose. So you end up burning more calories. The problem is that you can't eat ANY carbs. Just a few carbs, and you start burning glucose again. And DAMN those carbs sure taste good.

If you want more in depth information on ketogenic diets, I do a search for Lyle McDonald (I think thats how it is spelled). There is a TON of free information on the net that he put up on his experiences with a keto diet, and he also has written a very informative book on the subject. The name escapes me, but ask your local bookstore, or check out for Lyle McDonald (or Macdonald).

There is also such a diet called a TARGETED Ketogenic Diet (TKD). This type of diet calls for you to eat carbs directly after working out each day, but ONLY after your workout. I have used this type of diet on many occasions with GREAT success. I do this each summer to cut up for the beach. Every winter I bulk up (I'm a bodybuilder) and gain muscle, however I also put on a lot of fat. So I have to lose it for the summer. Last year, while on a TKD, I lost over 40 lbs in a period of 3 months. Believe me, it works to say the least. However, I did follow my diet down to the last calorie!

Good luck!


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