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Re: New Exerciser

Re: New Exerciser

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Posted by Chris Edwards on May 25, 2000 at 02:51:34:

In Reply to: New Exerciser posted by Mel on May 24, 2000 at 09:41:05:

You are doing the right thing for a beginner. I would switch to a full body workout every other day, or Mon, Wed, Fri. And do this for a month or two to "break in" your body since you are a newcomer to weight training. Then you can move on to a more serious split.

You should see results within the first month or two. Especially since you are just starting. Your first 2 or 3 months you will see the best gains of your life. When the gains slow, it is time to change up the routine. I suggest working out 5 days a week...Mon-Fri and doing different bodyparts on each day so that you can hit them more thoroughly. And hit each bodypart once a week.

Also, at this point, get off the machines and use the free weights. You can still use machines (they have their place) but no serious workout program is complet without free weights. Especially the squat.

The squat is the number one muscle building exercise...hands questions asked...period (get the point? hehe). However, the squat is the number one exercise that is performed incorrectly by newcomers, and is the number one source of injury in working out. So when you start to do them, make sure you have someone show you the proper form. If you are really concerned about the squat causing problems, make it your last exercise on leg day. This way, you will already be fatigued, and you will be squatting with much less weight than if it was your first exercise. This is much safer. Most professional bodybuilders do this when it comes close to contest time. They don't want to injure themselves before a show.

Good luck! Weight training is a very rewarding and healthy experience. In my 2 years of serious training, my entire life has changed because of it. I have gained over 35 lbs of muscle and lost over 40 lbs of fat. To say the least, the world is a MUCH better place when you are fit.


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