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Posted by Joy on December 13, 2000 at 14:30:07:

In Reply to: Lasik side-effects (permanent or temporary ?) posted by Schwart Dan on December 13, 2000 at 09:26:37:

I just had Lasik also [on one eye because of a small abrasion doc decided to wait 2 weeks to do other eye]. I think you need to wait a while. Are you using good drops all the time for dryness. This is important in healing. l I see a slight halo/shadow at night watching letters on the TV but I CAN SEE! It's not the same with seeing in glasses. Give it some time. I'm going for monovision and because of dryness I thought I had regression the third day after surgery but my doc said it's dryness. He gave me gel for night time, and I use drops all day. Today [just a week] was the very best day I had. Hang in there.
: People who've had LASIK read on:

: I've had LASIK 8 days ago and so far it seems like a bad decision
: (that means I'm scared like shit)
: I think my vision (theoretically) improved but I can't be sure because of all the side-effects. My vision is blurred at close distances and I can only read with great effort. Long distance vision is better except
: I can't read signs I used to be able to read with glasses on. It's like my vision is perfect except I can't "focus" on anything, and everything "glows" around the edges, as if there was a light source behind it. At night all this is substancially worse because of the
: starburst effect around lights. If all this is permanent I'm majorly screwed, but if not, how much time do these things last before they go away ? (btw: the surgeon claims that the procedure succeeded completely and that physically there's nothing wrong with my eyes)

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