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Posted by Michelle Hnath on October 07, 1999 at 13:27:44:

For 2 weeks I have been experienced reduced/blurry vision in my right eye especially when driving. It is like I get the stares and have to work very hard to contiuously refocus my eyes. A checkup with my eye dr. a few days ago uncovered symptoms but no cause. Symptoms:
- can't read the eye chart as well with my right eye
- can't see color the same in both eyes
- no sign of infection of any kind

Today I had a vision field test. My eye dr. was looking for symptoms showing an inflammation of my optic nerve. The test results did not support that. What was most notable about the test is the following:
- my right eye vision closed about every 60 seconds down to almost a point. It was kind of a grey fuzz coming in from all around. When I would blink, my entire field of vision would return at a nice quality after I focused again. It would then degrade again down to a blurry spot slowly until I blinked again. It was so noticable that I was asking my Dr. if my eye was actually closing but it was not.
- the test of my right eye was far poorer than that of my left. I have the test results in my hand but I don't know really what to report from it.

Other items to note:
- My bi-anual eye exam was 6 weeks ago where I had 20/20.
- I have TMJ which has sometimes been noted to affect vision. I destroyed my right disk in my jaw and my most normal symptom is a migrain in my right eye when my jaw is out of wack. My right eye feels like it is about to get a migrain, but I never get one. I have never had reduced vision from TMJ previosly so I am not thinking that this is it.

I am scheduled to see a retina specialist on Tuesday Oct. 12 but am looking for some possibilities of what this could be so I can educate myself a little bit about what questions to ask.

Thanks to anyone that can offer assistance.

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