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Posted by Robin on November 09, 1999 at 16:43:01:

I am a 23 y/o female who was born with sublexed lenses in both eyes. Marfan's syndrome has always been a possible cause, and through the years doctors have disagreed as to whether or not I have it or a form of it. Recently I was once again tested for Marfan's and the results were negative.
Right now I wear contact lenses and glasses to correct my eyesight. I the past 3 years I feel my vision has worsened significantly. I have tried to correct this by getting new contacts and glasses. Nothing is working. I have blurry double vision and extreme nearsightedness.
Recently I went to Mass Eye and Ear in Boston to ask doctors about my options for improving my vision. I was told that there is nothing I can do with the exception of having an operation which utilizes an old glaucoma procedure to enter the eye and remove the lenses. I have known about this operation for 6 years. I've been told it's very dangerous, increasing the chances of retinal detachment and other complications which can lead to even worse vision or blindness. It may also completely correct my vision forever. Doctors are confusing me. I never get to see the same doctor twice. Some doctors tell me to stay clear of the operation, some say to go for it. I was also recently told that time is running out for me to have this procedure done. Apparently this "old glaucoma procedure" is not used anymore or even taught to doctors. Only surgeons who have been practicing since the sixties are familiar with it. Therefore many are retired or about to retire.
I am frustrated. My vision has become terrible. I have never come in contact with anyone else who has sublexed lenses. Is there anyone out there who knows someone with this problem or who has treated someone with it? Can anyone tell me about this old glaucoma operation?

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