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Posted by Harry on November 13, 1999 at 17:48:54:

In Reply to: Wavy vision, floaters, strange flashes posted by Chris on October 20, 1999 at 21:27:34:

: I'm about to see my doctor about these problems, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any similar experiences.

: I've had floaters all my life. Over the past year I've noticed a bit of an increase. Not dramatic, but noticable. They were accompanied by the odd flash, usually after moving my head suddenly. I went and saw my optometrist who did a dilated exam and couldn't see anything wrong with my retinas. I did get my first set of glasses though :)

: Recently I've noticed spells of wavy vision, where in the centre of my line of sight I see a shimmer similar to a bitumen road on a hot day. It usually only lasts 5 or 10 minutes at the most and usually happens just after I've stood up after sitting down for a while (eg after driving).

: The only scary thing was a couple of days ago when I got a big, bright flash of blue in my centre of vision. It was brilliant, except that I don't think I should've seen it!

: I work with computers, and a lot of these light flashes etc often occur after looking at the screen for quite a while and then looking away suddenly.

: I am a migraine sufferer, although I haven't had a significant migraine for over 2 years.

: How weird is all that? :)

: Any similar stories, or advice would greatly ease my mind before I see my doctor or opthalmologist.

: Thanks,
: Chris

Hi Chris,There is such a thing as having occular migraines one sypt. is Zig Zag lines in your field of vision w/ some flashes.I have this for about 30 min. from time to time and I think wavy vision is close enough to qualify.I some times use Homeopathic remedies and Ignatia 30X almost eliminate mine.Take the remedy as directed on bottle.My Dr's(2) gave me no solutions.
Floater are another problem .I have used a remedy--Carbo Veg. 200X with 2 friends and both were cured. ONE was 10 years ago the other only 2years.The floaters have not returned.If you decide to use this method.Then take only two doses about 10 days apart.Both, went to several opthamologist for several years before telling me about their problem. God Bless--Harry

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