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Posted by Gary on November 14, 1999 at 22:18:37:

In Reply to: I can't find a good way to explain this posted by Andy on November 10, 1999 at 23:27:51:

: I am 19 years old, no history of eye problems other than nearsightedness. Lately I have begun noticing that I have sort of a staticy vision especially when looking at things that aren't complicated (solid colored walls, the sky) and in dim light. It's sort of like bad night vision I think. It's like a very grainy afterimage or something. What do I call this if I see an eye doctor about it? My vision seems fine (I wear contacts, not a strong prescription) but it's hard to see in dim light. It worsens throughout the day. I look at computer monitors a lot. Is this just because I have bad night vision or could it be infection or something? I think I have had it all my life, just recently I started noticing it more during the day and not just at night.
: I don't really know how to describe it... shimmering, sparkling, static, graininess, it's a lot worse when I go from bright surroundings to dim surroundings, and it seems to worsen throughout the day.
: I would really appreciate any advice.
: Thanks,
: Andy
Far from an expert, but I do know that our vision is really quite digital. We trust our minds to soften the image, but anyone who stares at a pure white field will quickly observe the graininess you speak of. In another 10 - 20 years, you will certainly begin to see floaters wiggle across your field of vision. Another 20 years after that, cataracts and conditions like macular degeneration become quite 'normal'. Enjoy your precious gift, and do what you can to keep your eyes healthy, but don't worry too much. You wouldn't believe how many 80-year-olds can't even read a newspaper. Good luck!

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