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Posted by Michelle on February 04, 2000 at 18:02:55:

In Reply to: dry eye syndrome posted by patty on January 21, 2000 at 11:19:13:

: I have had dry eyes for 10 yrs. Eye doctors have told me to use artificial tears. I use a homeopathic brand because I use it often and feel that the more natural the better. I also take a Vitamin A supplement and eat lots of beta-carotene. I don't like the idea of the plugs in the tear ducts and hav'nt considered it. It seems to me that there must be some underlying biological imbalance to cause this in the first place.
: I've heard that it may be hormonal.....its possible...lots of things are blamed on that.

: Does anyone have any ideas on the underlying cause?
: Has anyone found a artificial tears product that works for more than 30 seconds? If in fact, giving a product brand name is against message board policy, perhaps we can swap email addresses. Thanks to all.

Hi Patty,
Well, I've only been plagued by this dry eye thing for about six months but I'm already very tired of it. More than anything, it's annoying. My eyes always look red and tired and feel uncomfortable. I have had punctum plugs put into my upper tear ducts and that seems to help but it's definitely not a cure-all. Originally I had the lower ducts plugged but my eyes watered terribly so we removed them. Eye drops don't help much either. I am also taking a vitamin A supplement and eat LOTS of carrots. Another thing that I have found helpful is a humidifier.

I have contacted a research group in Boston that apparently developing a hormonal eye drop which they feel will be helpful. If you have any interest in finding out more about this project let me know and I'll give you the information.

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