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Posted by Sarah on April 01, 2000 at 21:20:14:

In Reply to: Contact lenses posted by Lentact Conse on April 01, 2000 at 16:57:58:

: Hello. I am a 14 year old male. I have been thinking about getting contacts as I usually always break my glasses while playing sports etc. I really need contacts as my eyesight is really weak. Without my glasses i can see 6" far with my left eye and 4" with my right eye. So, i have a few questions for anyone who uses contacts or knows anything about them.

: 1. Is there a limit for how weak my eyesight can be to use contacts? Or can contacts be of any strentgh?

: 2. Do they irritate and itch your eye much?

: 3. What kind of contacts? Hard, soft...?

: Thanks for anyone who can help!

Hi Im a 19 year old female and I've had my contacts for two years now. It was the best thing I ever did! Like you I am very athletic
and found glasses to be very restricting. I don't know if there is a limit for how weak your eyesight is. I do know that my vision is pretty bad too.
They can also make contacts for people who have an astigmatism, or are both nearsighted and farsighted. So, I definitely think you too will be able to get them.

They do not irritate my eyes at all, although for every person it is different. I have a friend who can not wear them because they bother her, but tons of other people I know
have them. The only time they irritate my eyes is if you do not rinse them good enough before putting them in. That means the disinfectant isn't totally rinsed off and may sting or burn, but I
usually take them out rinse again and reinsert and they are fine. Also if a piece of dust or hair gets into your eye your eye will water like crazy but you can always take the contact out and put it in again.

My contacts are soft lenses. Many people think they are a lot easier on your eyes. The hard contacts take longer to get used to and may feel like you have sand in your eye until you adjust to them. My recommendation is soft lenses,
I haven't tried the hard ones, but they last a lot longer. I suggest getting larger ones too. They come in different sizes and the small ones are harder to work with. If you are into sports definitely get the larger ones because they will stay in your eyes through
the wear and tear as with other's might fall out easier. I think they even make contacts for athletes.

Some other advice you can get ones that are disposable that you put in each day (new pair), you can get ones that last three months, ones that last a year ( I have those), and the hard ones that last more than a year.
I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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