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Posted by Quentin Griffey on April 15, 2000 at 23:25:21:

In Reply to: Optic Nerve Surgery posted by Jennifer on April 15, 2000 at 13:50:18:

: I have been unsuccessfully researching optic nerve surgery for a friend. His doctor wants to surgicallly reattatch the optic nerve in one of his eyes. My friend wants to know if this has been done before and if it has been successful.

The amount of research on this is very limited. What I have read would indicate that surgery involving the optic nerve is not successful. I will try to relocate the sites where I read about this and get back with you.
In my case, i had a retinal detachment of the right eye on which they placed a siicone buckle. The retina detached again within a week and they inserted a gas bubble, replaced the vitreious fluid, and did some laser work. It worked; however, I became 90% blind in that eye the following week. The surgeon said that I now had optic neuropathy and that the at the site where the optic nerve joins the retina there had been damage. He says it wasn't associated with the other surgeries. He said that in some cases a detached retina may be an indication of more serious problems which can not be detected until after it occurs. Anyway, he said that there was absolutely nothing that could be done surgically or otherwise. That's what prompted me to look on the net to find more information, and apparently he is correct.
I don't know about your friend, but I was told that my condition was hereditary, and that there was a 50% chance that my left eye would have the same problem. Of course, another thing that your friends needs to consider is insurance coverage. If her surgeon really things it can be done, your friend's insurance may consider it to be experimental and therefore not coverable.

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