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Posted by Lisa on June 04, 2000 at 10:40:41:

In Reply to: Re: Retinal Detachment after Lasik (To Lisa) posted by Jessica on June 04, 2000 at 09:35:52:

I started wearing glasses when I was 8 and contacts when I was 9. I am now 42 and an RN married to an MD, so I have a little medical knowledge to back me up.

From the time of my first eye doctor visit I have been told I was at high risk for retinal detachment because of my myopia (nearsighted to you). Both on my first visit pre-LASIK and on visits post LASIK I was told that having the surgery would not decrease my tendancy for retinal detachment because it does not reshape your eyeball, just your cornea. I was told this so that I would continue to seek medical treatment in the event I had the signs of a detachment. At no time was the possiblity of retinal detachment as a direct result of the surgery mentioned nor was it on the consent.

While I will concede that it may be a possibility, your are out of bounds to say that I don't know what I am talking about.

: My surgeon did not mention anything about a retinal detachment. I have lattice degeneration & the surgery shouldn't have been performed! Yes, Lasik DOES increase the risk! I don't know who you think you are but experts have already told me this!!!! The suction from the laser could cause this!! And in my case & someone elses it did!!! If Lasik didn't increase or decrease the risk than why would your surgean warn you about it?!!? I don't think that makes any sense!!!!! Unless you're an expert (which I know you're not because you don't know what you're talking about)than I think you should have stated that as your opinion. Not a FACT!!! : I had LASIK almost 2 yrs ago without incident. However, the surgeon made sure BEFORE my surgery that I understood I was still at risk for retinal detachment afterward. If you are nearsighted you are at higher risk for retinal detachment since your eyeball is longer than normal. LASIK does not increase or decrease that risk since it does not alter the shape of your eyeball, it alters the curve of your cornea.

: : : I found one other person that this has happened to besides me. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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