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Posted by Lisa on June 14, 2000 at 15:11:36:

In Reply to: Recent Lasik surgery...June 1st 2000 posted by Chris on June 14, 2000 at 00:00:08:

Why did you opt to have surgery in Canada? Do you live there? My criteria for choosing my surgeon was one who had done lots of LASIK with very few complications. The one I ended up with was the most expensive one in town, but with the most experience and only one bad corneal outcome - and that was a guy who rubbed his eye the night of surgery - not exactly the surgeon's fault, but the surgeon did manage to fix it.

He also has very specific criteria of what is successful - 20/40 at 6 months or an enhancement for free. 20/40 is the goal because that is what it takes for an unrestricted drivers license in Texas. I was 20/25 on the left and 20/50 on the right. Since I am right eye dominant it was a problem for me, so my right got redone. I am now 20/15 in the right. I wear reading glasses for maps and the classifieds, but otherwise don't need them. I am 42 and for the 1st time in my life drive without corrective lenses.

What type of followup care do you have and is it with your original surgeon? Your vision is not an acceptable outcome and you need close followup. Having an enhancement is not the end of the world. BTW, 20/70-100 is not overcorrected - it is BARELY corrected.

: Hi,
: I recently had Lasik surgery on my eyes in Canada. I have got to say that the results I have right now are not what I expected. I was hoping for the miracle of sight, but instead I am having trouble seeing close up and far away. My vision is blurry and I have to wear "cheaters" drive and to see the computer. When I left the clinic my eyes were 20/70 and after one week they were 20/100! This was not what I expected. I have called the clinic many times and what I have been told is that my eyes were overcorrected and that this will go away. Probably after the first month my eyes will have healed and corrected themselves. I have been told also that it is better not to have had 20/20 vision right off the bat because many times your eyes regress to the point that you have to go back and have an enhancement. Has anyone experienced what I am going through, how are your eyes now! Thanks Chris

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