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Posted by Shannon Evans on July 13, 2000 at 21:31:09:

In Reply to: Re: wavy vision/ opthalmic migraine posted by Julie on July 08, 2000 at 22:33:10:

: : : : Responding to Opthalmic migraines: I have had them for 3 to 4 years. First few scared the pitts out of me! I work in health insurance and co worker nurses identified, after I'd seen regular doctor twice, with no success. No pain, just the fractured vision, but for me, sometimes they are long-lasting. Some 45 minutes long. Have also developed benign positional vertigo. Wonder if the two problems can be related as that is inner ear. Ear, eyes, all the canals behind? No answer from medical in my area as to connection. Anybody else????

: : : I have also had opthalmic migraines for the last two years - and they still scare me! They seem to be getting longer, for starters. My doctor told me they can be triggered by certain foods, or if you are dehydrated. Mine start with missing visual informtion, and then lead into this strange fibrillating mass that tends to stay in one eye. After that they usually go away, although now after the fibrillating period, it goes back to the way it started, with just missing visual information. It's now taking another 10 to 15 minutes for that to go away. It is very distracting and scary. I have noticed that drinking lots of water sometimes helps. (and not drinking alcohol)

: : I've had this since my late 20's, I am now 42. I had many episodes several years ago, one bad enough that I went to the emergency room because I had gone completely blind for about 20 minutes and was quite disturbed about it. They couldn't see anything wrong in my eye and said to go to the eye doctor and of course he didn't see anything. I didn't bring it up to the eye doctor or any other eye doctor since because it was so strange and and I didn't especially like the emergency room visit, the nurse was rather rude to me. But anyway, I had a lot of these episodes where I'd see zigzaggy lights or a little flashing crescent for a few minutes and sometimes have a mild headache after or not. I hadn't had them for years and had one about a month ago. I can't correlate anything to the cause, but maybe I don't always drink enough water. Thanks to everybody for the illuminating posts.

: First I'd like to thank everyone for their contribution to this topic. I have also experienced the same type of symptoms as you describe. My first "optical migraine" occured about 6 years ago. At that time I seemed convinced that the optical migraine was triggered from a Depo-Provera (birth control injection) shot. The optical migraine would occur almost 7 days (to the hour) after the injection. Needlesstosay, I stopped the Depo shots after the 2nd shot when I discovered that there might be a connection. And, I did not have another migraine until about 1 month ago. Within the last month I have had 3 of these migraines, and I was beginning to get concerned. Your feedback has been helpful. You gave me some things to consider. Chocolate could be related, and I will try the Coke or asprin approach. Or better yet, I will start taking Ginko Biloba again since it is good for blood circulation. (A caution about Ginko and asprin ... both are blood-thinners so they should not be taken together.)

I am 27 and have been having wavy vision and flashing squiggly lights for over a year. At first it seemed to be when I was tired and usually in the afternoon, but now it is constant and everyday. It is definitely worse when I am in sunlight or overheated. I have even noticed my tongue and left cheek seem weak. I also just had a baby and am now nursing. My doctor thinks it is either opthalmic migraines or MS. I had an MRI done that showed two lesions on my brain. They weren't in a common location for MS, and so right now I am undiagnosed. Has anyone ever heard of a opthalmic migraine occuring everyday? Any information would be wonderful.

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