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Posted by Vanessa on August 06, 2000 at 21:52:27:

In Reply to: Re: Chalazia. Have you had it? posted by guy on July 21, 2000 at 02:53:49:

: : : Are there others experiencing this condition. This is the second time I've got it but on different eyelids.
: : : First time was on the upper right eye lid and it didn't go away for months. I finally got it surgically removed.
: : : I'm not waiting that long for this one. I'm getting it surgically removed in a couple of days. Has anyone got
: : : any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening

: : i believe you are describing what is also called chalazions. You can get quite a bit of information on them by putting this diagnosis into a search engine like metacrawler. My daughter has gotten them for a number of years. She uses Johnson baby shampoo to clean eyelid margins daily to prevent them. For a number of years she was also on 50 mg doxycycline as she was getting a number of them. She also had some surgically removed but I believe it is felt best to avoid doing this as it can eventually lead to dry eye. I believe the standard care is to 1) try getting them to go away with warm compresses (or she was also told to use a teabag either hot or cold but brewed and the tannic acid pulls the fluid out of the chalazione) 2) use an antibiotic and 3) if they do not respond to either of these, then surgically remove. I believe it is a result of sebacous glands getting clogged. Good luck!

: A chalazion is a blockage of the meibomian gland of the eyelids. These gland openings are visible on the margin of the eyelids. They are non-infectious swellings of the glands. Basically the oil in the glands is plugging up the gland and causing a backing up of the oil. Warm compresses are the standard treatment. These need to be done 2-4 times a day for 10-20 minutes at a time. People who get chalazia have thick oil instead of very fluid liquid like oil in their glands. Kind of like butter versus oil. It can take days to weeks of consistent compresses for the bumps to disappear or shrink. Gentle lid scrubs may help to keep the gland openings open. Sometimes they don't go away completely and you wil have a little bump that feels like a small bb in the lid. Tetracylines are use not becaused the lid is infected, but because tetracyclines change the fatty acids in the oil glands. Surgery may be necessary if it doesn't resolve and is cosmetically undesirable. For most lid bumps such as styes and chalazion, warm compresses will work if you do them aggressively and as soon as the signs appear.

I have had a chalazion on my lower left eyelid for over a year now. It started very small like a bb. The first eye doctor I saw didn't think much of it and asked me to just watch it. Then about 4 months ago, it finally ruptured into a pea size nodule. It was then I went to another doctor and learned that it actually was a condition with a name. The warm compresses (when I can make the time to do the recommended 15 minute sessions 2x per day)help to reduce the overall size and relieve some of the occasional tenderness. But it hasn't helped it go away. The doctor also found that I had a condition called Blepharitis for which he recommended that I treat by shampooing my eyelashes with baby shampoo 2x per day. It's supposed to prevent crust from forming on the lash base and thus prevent blockage of the glands.
The shampooing I can handle but the compresses take so much time and discipline to really make a difference. I nned to do something else. But before I seek surgical treatment, I'd want to try a more natural approach. I am currently researching alternative treatments for the condition. If I find anything I will be sure to post it here.

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