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Posted by Kathy on August 24, 2000 at 09:43:14:

In Reply to: Swollen & Itchy Eyelids, HELP??!!!!!! posted by Tammy on August 18, 2000 at 14:59:55:

This has happened to me this summer too. It never happened before. My doctor thought it was something called blepharitis which is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids and as the symptoms are very similar I tend to feel that is actually an allergy or eczema. I have very sensitive skin and get dry patches on my legs and I think that may be what is on my eyelid. In any case it seems to help to wash eyelid with q-tip and baby shampoo to make sure the lash line is getting ultra clean. They also gave me an ointment for the blepharitis and it does seem to help. So I am really at a loss to the cause. if you find any thing out please let me know.

:I have had this sweling of my eyelids on an occasional basis, with them VERY itchy too. I have a few very mild symptoms of other allergies.. But not sure this is related or not.
: They have done this twice now this summer. Once for 2 weeks, I took a Claritin for 3 days and 2 days after I stopped Claritin, they just got better.
: This time...The left eye began same thing, few days later the other eye is same. Claritin so far, not doing anything. (I have no signs of pink eye) Nor do my eyes appear red on the inside (No pus)....This is ONLY on outside of my lids. Any suggestions?? Some say I need to see an Allergist, some say a Dermatologist. (Very 1st time this has ever happened in my life) Am 42 yrs old ... HELP??,......Thanks, Tammy

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