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Posted by Lillian on September 13, 2000 at 10:13:12:

In Reply to: Re: Chalazion: Natural Remedy? posted by Dude on August 08, 2000 at 00:07:06:

: : Does anyone know of any natural remedies/treatments for chalazions?

: A chalazion is a basically a plugged up oil gland of the eye lid. The margins of the eyelid have tiny opnings for these oil glands. When these glands get blocked they swell up with excess hardened oil. This is minimally tender or sore. It can feel like there is a small bb or pea sized lump inside. Warm, wet compresses three to four times a day can help to break this down, but may take weeks for things to get better. The longer you wait the more difficult it gets for these to resolve. It won't go away in just a few days. Because its not infected, antibiotics don't really work and eyedrops or ointments do not get into the gland anyways. Chalazion are usually a cosmetic concern due to the occasionally large lump. The skin over the chalazion can sometimes get irritated due to the large underneath or the innerside of the eyelid can get irritated. If it doesn't get better and is still large after the weeks of compresses it can be surgically removed. The doctor makes a cut either on the inside the lid or the outside depending which side it protrudes most. Then they scrape the gland out. Sometimes instead a small injection of a steroid into the lump can make it dissolve, but this can cause thinning of the skin or color change in that area. Recurrent chalazion in the same surgically corrected gland needs to be evaluated for cancer. This is rare. Best natual remedy is the warm wet compresses 3-4 times a day for 10-20 minutes at a time. If a small lump remains that can be felt but is not a cosmetic problem, this can be left alone.

My Daughter had a Chalazion when she was 13. It was on her eyelid, and was the size of a quarter. It grew from a pinhead sized red dot in a matter of days. I had her to the pediatrician the day I noticed the "pimple" growing. He gave me a cortisone ointment at that time. Within 3 days, she was back to his office and he sent her to an opthalmologist. He put her on antibiotics and we had to bathe her eye 6 times a day with hot compresses. At that time, we were going away on our vacation for two weeks to the seashore. I asked him if he thought the ocean would be safe for her to swim in because I was afraid of infection. He said to me that maybe the salt water would do her good. So we went ahead and did what he said. It took 2 months going on three, before we could say it had finally disappeared. My only fright at the time was infection and if it did not resolve itself, would she need surgery to correct her eyelid. Everything turned out well. It went away and it never returned.
But she never wore eyeshadow.

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