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Posted by ..Rush on September 17, 2000 at 20:07:00:

In Reply to: Bloodshot line from corner of eye all the way to pupil for years posted by Melissa on November 23, 1999 at 00:15:43:

: Help. I have very good vision and don't need glasses but i have a cosmetic problem. I have a bloodshot line that extends from the corner of my eye and is now to the pupil. My family gets grossed out by it, but my doctor says try eye drops for dry eye but they have done nothing after 2 years. Visine also does not help. I have had this line for 8 years but it gets a bit longer each year and is now to the pupil. Can an eye doctor laser it away or do anything for it?.

I had something similar but even worse, I have a scar from a small tumor removal from the white of my eye..They removed the tumor and placed a graft, and blood vessels grew all over the graft and now the entire side of my eye is red...About 6 months ago I got sick of grossing people out too, the doctor put a graft and it did not help at all, in fact now I have puffy eyelids after the surgery....I don't think you can do much...use visine if your really self conscious of it..I know that it wears off and makes it worse...also try Acular or just a lot of artificial tears...But whatever you do don't get surgery for it..I know it sucks trust me I have even worse problems after the surgery, increased redness, droopy and puffy eyelids...

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