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Posted by Copper on October 17, 2000 at 14:28:46:

In Reply to: FMS posted by Tamara Starkey on October 17, 2000 at 01:15:25:

: I have had FMS for 5 years. I have gotten no relief from all of the meds. just fatter and eventually 1 year off of work.
: I am having some rather odd pains, and the Dr. hasn't a clue what it could be. I was hoping to find someone experiencing the same thing.
: I have this pain in the cuticle of my pinky. If hit just right, the pain feels like I hit it with a hammer. The pain is so intense, that I actually get nausiated (sp?). I don't have to hit it hard at all to feel this pain.
: Also, I have been experiencing some trouble with my lungs. I have asthma, but this isn't that. My back starts to hurt, right behind my lungs. It feels the same as when my kidneys start to hurt.
: Is there anyone who has these same pains??? I would really like to hear from you. Thanks!!!!!

Hi Tamara,
Yep, I get 'pinky pain', too. Except that for me, it hits the top of the knuckle, not the cuticle. Weirdest thing, isn't it? I KNOW I haven't done a thing to the finger, but, boy! TOUCH the knuckle to anything, don't even have to bang it, really, and I'm ready to hang over the toilet bowl my stomach is so rocked! The pain is excruciating, but, of course, NOT AVAILABLE when I go to the dr.! No clue what's causing it. (except, duh, SOMETHING about FMS, I'm sure!)
I get the lung/back thing too. I have found a solution (for me) for that one, though. I stretch out in my recliner chair or bed. Take a BIG deep breath, letting my chest really rise with it, then exhale. While the chest is still in the exhale (collapsed) position, WITHOUT breathing in, I lift the chest again AS IF I were breathing in. At the same time, I place all four (8 fingers) fingers from each hand on either side of the sternum (breastbone) and give a gentle but firm downward thrust along the edges of the rib (connectors) from the top of the sternum, moving down and repeating thrust until I reach the xiphoid process (little 'tail' at the end of the breastbone). 99% of the time, there will be little 'pops' as the ribs snap back into place. It's not at all painful, in fact, feels good. Afterwards, the 'lung' pain is gone, and breathing is easier.
Works for me! Hope this helps,
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