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Posted by Cynthia* on October 30, 2000 at 01:18:18:

Hey everyone....I am posted on the board several mos. ago about trying thyroid meds for Fibro and how i saw a doctor in Boston who said even though my levels read normal they were not for my body and i needed hormone replacement. He sugested that this is what was causing the Fibro...Hypothyroidism. So ...i figured why not..What would i have to lose except all these miserable symptoms of pain and fatigue. First i was givin Lovoxile at a very low dose....I was so out of breath after the fist few days it was scary...Then he gave me levothroid...low dose...same reaction....The doctor then suggested a pill made expecially for me at a pharmacie with pure ingrediants..smaller dose...Same reaction....Very discouraged at this point, i visited my Obgyn and he said well why would you want to try that again? You had an allergic type of reaction..The Edocrinologist informed my husband and i that i would most likely suffer another misscarrige if i was not treated for this condition.....Well What do you do? My Gyno says no this is not right......Too meny cooks in the kitchen ?or what? ........We are so scared to think if we didn't do the right thing we could cause another miss. Then i read on the board all these opinion about how people are feeling better on thyroid meds. I am so confused. The fatigue and pain is bad enough, when you can't breath on top of it...forget it! Has anyone had a similair experience with thyroid medication? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you!...*Take Good Care of YOu and Hold Good Thoughts* Cyn*

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