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Posted by Kim on November 02, 2000 at 20:12:45:

In Reply to: Wake Up with numbness, tingling and pain in both Arms & both legs? posted by Nature on November 02, 2000 at 19:38:00:

: I was just wandering if anyone else with FM has these symptoms. I've asked my Dr about it but he thinks its anxiety, and wont discuss it with me. I dont think it is anxiety, because it feels more like a circulatory problem as if the blood supply to that area is decreased for some reason.Sometimes the feeling comes back & all symptoms with it go away after approx. 15 min. But it has lasted upto 2hrs. I have also had it happen at various tims during the day while riding in the car and while working.And let me add I dont experience other synptoms of anxiety. It scared me the first few times it happened but doesnt now because I know the symptoms will eventually go away. If anyone else experiences anything like this please let me know.

I get that all the time; I have just started to see an new doctor that is board certified in Infectious diseases, chronic fatigue and FMS. He's running the whole gambit of tests. Cancer, thyroid, echo for the heart, sleep studies, etc. Thank God for traditional insurance. He said he won't guess at what it is going on till he sees me several times. He said that he's never seen anyone who's had so much going on past and present. We spent almost 1 1/2 hrs together and said he needs several more hours to get my whole history, etc. He is also seeing my husband and a friend of mine starting next week. He is so interested in you and finding what will help. My fingures are crossed. He is the first doctor I've seen that has made me feel important. I've been having problems for over 20 yrs. I wouldn't take it any more from my previous doctors. too big for their own shoes, 2-3 hours waiting and for what? It's too soon to tell for sure but, I think, I hope I've found the right doctor for us. It isn't normal to have numbness. Please find someone who will listed to you and check it out. Take care and good luck, Kim

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