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Posted by Beverly on November 03, 2000 at 01:51:44:

In Reply to: Fibro...miraclulous relief from shaking/anxiety attacks posted by Dena on October 30, 2000 at 16:31:12:

: Miraclulous relief from shaking/anxiety attacks and even pain.....
: Here is something that will amaze you! Drink even a sip of milk and the shaking should go away. Instant relief...Also a regular dose of magnesium will stop it if you feel it coming on a regular basis. I was misdiagnosed as hypoglycemic after being in insulin shock for 2 muscular control as far as constant shaking, waking in the night with anxiety attacks,....shaking/sweating uncontrollably, anxiety attacks (which in reality were insulin/adrenaline bursts)....headaches, muscle and body sense of balance....and comatose much of the time after that much time went by. An endocrinologist told me to eat sugar...that made it worse! A neighbor who was a chiropractor adjusted my back one day when I had a kidney stone, thinking it was a pinched nerve in my back. Nope, it was a kidney stone, BUT the adjustment unpinched the nerve that was making my pancreas react and release too much insulin. By that time, I had figured out by reading, that magnesium relaxes muscles and stops night after i had started getting better and had spells of feeling better, i started shaking again. A neighbor was over who had experience with drug overdoses, and I was out of magnesium but close to going into diabetic he advised that I drink milk...which i did within what seemed like seconds before i would be unconscious...and within 5 minutes i was fine. I dont know the magic in it, but the luck i had to find out a pinched nerve caused the whole thing....and that milk would stop the shaking and anxiety attack....was a miracle that has made my life normal again! Prior to the hypoglycemia diagnosis, I had much unexplained pain for many years, and was told it was all in my head. It all added up to fibro...and I advise looking into what I say in order to make your life bearable, and even normal. You may be as pleasantly surprised as I was! Life can be good again! I wish you all the best!

WOW Dena!

That is an awesome revelation about your attacks! Thank goodness you got that nerve unpinched huh!?! Sounds like you suffered so much before then, and with comas too, geez!! I know a little about hypoglycemia cause I had/have that sometimes. Diabetes runs in my family so I really try to watch those sweet things now days. I used to have really bad spells before with a lot of symptoms. I read how fruit can help. I tried this and it did help to get it under control, and not eating refined sugar. Fruit and fruit juice is natural and the body recognizes it, unlike refined sugar, which has an unnatural form. I guess yours is already in control right? I wonder if why the milk works is cause of the lactose? I know fruit juice might have a similar affect though. Remember "STEEL MAGNOLIAS"? When Julia's character would have the beginnings of an attack, they gave her juice. That is cause it gives a quick dose of glucose to the body I suppose. And I completely agree with your suggestion of magnesium. I use it daily too. I can sleep better with it also. I take it opposite of calcium though. They say you should take twice as much magnesium as you take calcium. I'm starting to apply this theory too. I am so glad you shared your story. I hope we hear more from you. I'm new posting here and I notice in my short time, that not many posts go up in a day. I wish there were more of us here to share with eachother.
I want to ad that I know how those pinched nerves can give you problems in other areas of the body.... I have had really bad asthma when one of my nerves gets pinched. Easy to fix though when going to an experienced chiropractor. Hasn't troubled me in years now. I hope you are over the kidney stones? I know a little about them too. My ex had them before. They went away when he cut back on his soda (cola and dr peppers especially) and in addition, drank more water to "float them out". PS. In your letter you said misdiagnose with hypoglycemia, did you mean "misdiagnosed before, then correctly diagnose with hypoglycemia"? Just a little confused, forgive me please. ;)

Wishing you all the best too,
Love and Peace,

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