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Posted by Friend on November 03, 2000 at 10:47:03:

In Reply to: Re: FM Reality, long mssg..... posted by Beverly on November 03, 2000 at 03:12:06:

Beverly, Hi,
Thanks for the kind words...I am just another sufferer. I was sooooooo furious when I was finally properly DXed, but thru therapy had learned that if I don't use my anger constructively, I will fall into the black pit which takes a long time to get out of, so it is do or die.

I was completely incapacitated, at that time. Could not drive more than 1/2 hour before I was falling to sleep. I sat and cried in front of my family (normally not crying in front of anyone)from shooting random pain all through my body. My body temp went from freezing to boiling so that I went into shock each time it changed, and my family was hopping to turn the fan on me or turn it off and cover me. I could hardly move. I lost my mind...could not think, or remember. The pain in my joints was excruciating. It all began with the usual FM symptoms.

I told my GP doctor at the time that I did not want to live, and he took notice. but new tests showed my thyroid in normal lab range. I was so ill, but had to fight for everything all along the way.

Now I have a wonderful doctor, caring for my thyroid needs: Pat Ostrander at MedClinic, in Sacramento CA...have her permission to post her name & city, even though it is keeping her way too busy. Great doctors for thyroid are hard to find. I drive a long way to see her, and she is worth it!

I am not at my optimal level yet, but that takes time. She is up on all the latest protocol, and it is such a relief to know she knows all I know and more. Thank the Lord!

About the whys of thyroid imblance...there are many possible causes.
In females in particular, every hormone change, the thyroid has to scramble to rebalance them. Trauma, accidents, child birth, ovulation, pregnancy, even anger all cause chemical changes in the body that require rebalancing. I don't know the names of every chemical or hormone that occurs in every case, but have read them, at various times. Then we are subjected to all kinds of chemicals and hormones in many other ways, such as medicines, wood ethers are particularly hard on the thyroid, the cabbage family suppresses thyroid, etc. etc. It is a delicate and very small organ.
Many times, after a major chemical imbalance such as childbirth, the thyroid poops out and never gets back in balance by itself. One needs thyroid supplementation! If we were given sme at the trauma to aid the thyroid, it may be able to rest and heal enough to start putting out what we need again.

The chemicals you mentioned...they affect the thyroid. Illnes affects the thyroid. Vaccinations affect the thyroid...look at the Gulf War Syndrome. Many times those symptoms are the same...if we are chemically unbalanced, what can work right, at least for very long?

Rather than be remarkable that it poops out, it is more remarkable that it lasts so long and does so much. Viruses can attack the thyroid, one can have auto-immune disease, or cancer of the thyroid. I am sure that bacterial disturbances from antibiotics affacts it, as would an over growth of candida (which is easy to get rid of...just cut out sugars, and simple carbohydrates for a time.)

I have read that the body does not know what to do with carbonated drinks...then we also smoke, drink alcohol (poison), have x-rays, take is a wonder we live at all!

Actually, these imbalances are not easy to diagnose.
One cannot know what level any individual needs at any particular time, even if it is measured.
The needed changes occur at the cellular leevl, which is not measurable at all. Blood levels of thyroid don't tell a thing about an individual.
Thyroid does not have an immediate effect, and takes time to effect healing. Meanwhile, we suffer, waiting for the meds to build up in the system, hopefully not more than we need, which also is not healthy.

It just is no simple matter. That is why it goes without proper diagnosis so much. Once I realized, I settled down, and saw that I better just work on my attitude, as that messes with the thyroid, TOO!

This really takes a knowledgeable doctor that made it the specialty, who is humble enough to allow the patient to have the say of what is going self-diagnose, so to speak. Only I know if I am losing hair, if I used to be slender and full of energy, or when my hair began to turn pre-mature gray, or if my depression is better or worse, or where I hurt or how much.
If a doctor acnnot believe all that I say,how can he Dx correctly?

And all the symptoms can be from other things that are unrelated, too, and we may not put the symptoms together. Such as I thought my gray hair was inherited from my mother. Now I know it likely was that she was hypothyroid too, and never diagnosed.
An end result of hypothyroidism can be dementia!
She had it bad at the end of her life. Is this Alzheimer's?

There is a lot we just don't know or connect.

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