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Posted by Kim on November 04, 2000 at 08:45:50:

In Reply to: FM and housework posted by Chaminade on November 02, 2000 at 00:55:43:

: Hi,

: I have FM and 3 kids. It is really difficult for me to keep the house picked up and clean. It is very frustrating having to live in this pigpen! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (very, very weak!). I want to have a nice environment for myself and my family to live in. Living in this mess gives me stress, which I'm sure doesn't help the FM. Any suggestions of what I can do? If any of you have had help with a chiropracter or massage therapist, please let me know. I really just want to feel better so I can handle these tasks. Thanks.

Hi, We have 5 boys, 23 yrs. to 23 mos. The baby is the only one at home. the rest in college or on there own in other states one near by. They were a great help. Since they were 12 we tought them to do their own laundry, cook and clean there own rooms and bath room. They did a good job. Their girl friends are amased how goood they are. Now I pay two teens to come in for 2 hours every other week and do the heavy and difficult stuff, I pay them $5.00 to $7.00 per hour. It really helps. They do windows and anything else, plus they do minor repair stuff to. I found that the kids do a better job then most adults you hire for a fortune and I can't afford that any more. They also come by just to play with the baby and he loves that. If you have problems that need big help the boy scouts have an eagle badge (project they must do over time to receive) that they get as seniors. They must do a project that is helpful and documented. You could call your local council and ask if there is anything they could do to help you, although the troop is the one that really has the boys. I was the chairman for or districts tiger cubs membership. 1 st graders. Also, the chairman of one of our local cub packs, my husband was the cub master. We helped a lot of people in need. I implimented a program with our pack. The 1st - 5th graders would bring some item in to each den meeting and then at the pack meeting the items would be distributed to needy families. Tooth brushes, food etc. Through the police dept and another local help group. Many of our parents would go out(professionals, donating their time and property) if we were given a request for help( If we could) we also resourced with other packs and troups in our area and fix what ever was needed or at least patched. I hope this gives you some help or at least food for thought. Don't be affraid to ask for help. This is how our kids learn to be good citizens. Every group is different and run by voluntiers. We went through hurrican Floyd and the kids from my old pack and kids Ice hockey team were great! They were 17-18 last year. Thanks to them we got out safely and had many hands to help with the clean up. Take care and don't worry if the house dosn't all get done. Enjoy your children they grow so fast and then they are gone to start there own lives. Keep your energy for them and you and your husband. Don't worry what the neighbors say. It's your life and as far as we know it's the only one we have and you can't go back and regret time lost. Take good care, Kim PS sorry for writting so much.

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