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Posted by Copper on November 05, 2000 at 20:19:05:

In Reply to: Re: Wake Up with numbness, tingling and pain in both Arms & both legs? posted by Kathleen on November 04, 2000 at 01:52:18:

: don't live in California by any chance do you? I would love to find a doctor like that. Where is he located?

Hi Kathleen,
I am in California and I have had great success with Kaiser doctors. I know someone posted recently and said her dr. @ kaiser (I think Sacto area) has the 'pooh-pooh' idea re: fms.
To me, this would be unacceptable! If one kaiser facilty has access to numerous dr.'s and up-to-date info/treatments on an illness, then ALL kaisers have access to it. BUT, you may have to be strong and make 'the wheel squeak' so appropriate help is received.
My point here is, if you have access to kaiser facilities (though might have a sinificant co-pay for a dr. visit if not covered by their insurance)you have access to all of their info.
Even if not covered, they offer a VERY wide range of classes and seminars (FMS, chronic pain, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, quit smoking, MORE) that are available to the public as well as members (non-members pay $5-10 more). They also have an incredible lending library with videos and books available on just about any health issue. GREAT resource!
Last but not least, I experience the numbness and tingling, too. Years ago, I had a nerve conduction test to determine the cause (found nothing, OC!). As part of the time with the dr., he suggested that I look at my body position when sleeping/resting/sitting/etc (which is when this happens most for me) and to make sure my 'nerve pathways' were not blocked by external forces, ie. doing these things with arms/legs bent or crossed, or otherwise restricted (clothing?). Sure enough, episodes often follow my 'fetal position crash-out', when I'm all pretzled into myself. I even do this when sitting, sometimes!
It isn't gone, always, but the episodes have certainly been reduced.
Sorry this is so long! Guess I should be writing articles tonight, not posting 'brief' messages to friends!
Good luck!
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