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Posted by Jennile Elise on November 09, 2000 at 23:07:15:

Hi! I'm Jennile. I just looked up this message board because I thought I might be able to find someone who can give me some info. Last summer I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am nineteen years old. I finally got to see a rhuematologist this summer (please excuse my spelling--I never did very well in biology)and today I went in for a routine checkup. I told him about some pain that I was having in my neck as my pulse would beat. It was very sever but usually only lasts a few minutes. However, it once lasted as long as forty five minutes. I was very concerned about this but did not go the ER because I did not feel that it was that crucial at the time. To make a long story short, he listented very carefully to the pulse in my neck with his stethescope and then told me that as long as I was not having dizziness, slurred speech or headaches along with this pain that it was nothing serious. He said that it was probably a condition called cor---artery something or other. It literally means "pain of the artery". I remembered this word long enough to get out to my car and try to explain it to my mom but then before I got it written down I forgot how to say it and thus could not spell it. I wanted to do some research on the subject but since I don't know how to spell it, I have no idea where to look. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Can YOU spell it? What is it and has anyone ever been told they have it? Well, I don't expect a miracle and, I know, "I should have written it down sooner." However, if there's anybody out there who knows, Please, please, please post an answer here or e-mail me. Thanks, Jennile ^_^

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