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Posted by Copper on November 10, 2000 at 12:34:27:

In Reply to: I can't get the new site to work. Help!! Can anyone help? posted by Kim on November 10, 2000 at 07:13:34:

: Hi, I've signed up tried to get to Fibro board and no luck. Please help. I guess I'm stupid and I'm frustrated. I need step by step instructions I guess. Thank you, Kim

Oh, Kim! You are IN NO WAY stupid! Please, watch your mind talk (not a REAL scolding ;)! For we FMS'ers, what we tell our brains has a LARGE effect on how we feel. So tell yourself how WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and SPECIAL you are, because it IS TRUE!
Now, lecture over, this is the URL directly to the message board (since you already registered):

To access from the webmaster's post, click on the 1st link (I think it says something like "to new healthboards" or something along those lines. Once you get there, you have to scroll through the subjects listed for ALL the boards until you find Fibromyalgia. THEN you have to click the link that will show you new messages, and from there, you're in and can read and post. To reply to a message, go to the little icons at the top of the message you wish to reply to. Click on the THIRD (3rd) icon - kinda looks like a piece of paper with a red arrow near it. THEN you receive a page to type your post and click on submit. That page will then link you back to the board! WHEW!
Certainly not anywhere NEAR as easy as this board, but I suppose we'll all get the hang of it, eventually.
What I want to know is, why do they have to go and change a good thing? THIS BOARD WORKS FINE AND DANDY (for us, anyway)!
Good luck,
Let Miracles Replace all Grievances

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