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Posted by Cynthia* on November 12, 2000 at 04:10:51:

In Reply to: Re: I goofed somehow! posted by Elaine on November 11, 2000 at 19:29:07:

: Hey, Linda! Sounds like you and your lawyer are ready to go! So sorry about your fall. That's awful! I get light-headed and dizzy, but have never taken a complete plunge. I do, however, have a tendency to lose my balance and walk into walls and doorways. And furniture. My biggest problem is that I may be on medicine for 2-3 months and think I am doing ok, but then the medicine wears off and I'm back to the doctor. I've not come across a single person that has the exact same FMS symptoms as mine. This is a very frustrating condition, to say the least, and I just wish I could get a grip on it. One of my biggest pet peeves is for someone to say, "Oh, you're looking good today - you must be feeling a lot better.". And I want to scream, "No, you idiot! I have a headache the size of Texas, my legs feel like jello, my hands won't grip anything, etc., etc.". But, I just say, "Yes, thank you..." and move on. Besides the memory and sentence structuring problems I tend to have, I also have a very short temper! Anyway, yes, I shall keep everything crossed for you (in the shape of a pretzel) in hopes that your hearing is short and successful! P.S. I goof all the time -don't worry about it!

: : Sorry my reply got posted twice. Don't know what I did wrong.

Linda..Good luck to you! we are rooting for you!Let us know how things work out for you. I am sorry but i just started to laugh aloud after reading Elains re-post. She is soooooo very right!You know i am not as polite, when someone says i look so good, I must be feeling better....I say no i am not or I am feelin pretty bad today and you? My latest is if someone asks How are you? ..I just flip it back and say Well..How are YOu?... I know in most cases it is just a polite question...but i do agree that it is annoying!....Well what can we do?..I say Speaketh the Truth!...Tell them how you feel if they don't like it , maybe they will remember next time. Also i am pretty sick of us having to act like Suzy Sunshines..Who says illness is negitive.. our Society! Which is totally wrong!I am not saying be obnoxiose but why should we feel bad if we answer a question truthfully?..Screw that illnes is a part of Life..And we should never be ashamed for being ill,we are no lesser of a person because of it. Well just had to get that off my chest..having another one of those "Daze" ..Ha!..Take Good Care of You!..Cyn*

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