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Posted by Linda D on November 12, 2000 at 20:11:46:

In Reply to: Does anyone elses feel like a Vampire..Up all night? posted by Cynthia* on November 12, 2000 at 04:30:10:

: Hey Everyone*....It is almost four in the morning and i am up!....My husband has a joke that isn't too funny, He tells everyone that i am a Vampire. Because i sleep so late durring the day....My Ruematologist says lots of Fibro people are like it true? How can i turn my clock around ? I have been trying for luck...any suggestions...thanks "again" guys!...Cyn*

Well Cynthia, I sure have sleep problems, but staying awake isn't one of them. My problem is that when I go to bed I read some and then conk out. The problem comes about every hour or hour and a half. I wake up because whatever side I'm lying on hurts, and I have to change positions, and pee, and get a drink of water, and smoke a part of a cigarette. Then I get snuggled up and sleep another hour or so and it starts all over again. This goes on and on until the wee hours of daybreak, and then....I feel like I could sleep forever, but around here there's no way!We have a very loud African Gray who gets wound up, the two dogs get restless, and my father in law gets up and turns the TV up loud enough for the neighbors to hear. I've seen the time I could have slept through it all, but not anymore. So, I wake up feeling like I have worked all night. If I do happen to get any deep sleep, I have weird dreams that I am doing something (running, cleaning, working, etc.) and that's even worse. I almost think it would be better to wake up and stay up instead of up and down all night. I guess I'm a vampire whose coffin lid keeps opening and then closing on me!

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