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Posted by Linda D on November 14, 2000 at 23:13:38:

In Reply to: i think i have FM but doc doesn't...... posted by SHERRY on November 14, 2000 at 14:12:42:

: I have had fatigue for about 8 years and various
: aches and pains that seem to move from one area to
: another for no apparent reason, and i have an S curve
: scoliosis with a 35 degree lumbar curve and arthritis
: in my spine which i have had since i was 24 and i'm
: only 30!!!!! Some days i feel fine and others i feel
: like total crap and have to drag myself to work, and i
: told her all this but she doesn't think i have FM which
: maybe i don't .....but i figured i'd ask someone who
: does what they experience. She put me on Klonapin cause
: i also rarely feel rested and am always tired!!!! it
: seems tohelp me to sleep better but i still have
: bad days and every other Dr. i go to tells me it's
: depression but i don't feel depressed i just feel tired
: all the time and have all these aches and pains!!!!
: any info would be great thanks sherry

Hi Sherry, I know that it can be very frustrating to be told every symptom comes from depression. But the truth is, depression has so many of the same symptoms as FM/CFS. Actually it's a cycle of being depressed because of pain and inability to function, which makes the pain worse, which causes more depression, etc.It took alot of years before I finally found a doc that would listen past the depression and see that there was a real physical problem too. Blood tests were done to rule out some other things, and when all was negative, he diagnosed FM. It has been over 10 years now since diagnosis. At that time there was very little info. on it. Now it's everywhere. Maybe you need to see a new doc. That's what I had to do. My first one was stuck on "nerves" and depression and wouldn't look any farther. Scoliosis could be causing you some pain too. Don't give up on a diagnosis. Make them keep trying and testing until everything else is ruled out. I don't wish FM on anyone, but just knowing there is a real physical problem is a kind of relief. Good Luck!!

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