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Posted by michelle on November 25, 2000 at 19:04:05:

In Reply to: Re: Fibromyalgia, fecet pain, myofascial pain, etc. posted by Kim on October 21, 2000 at 09:53:41:

: : : Dear friend: Sorry you have had to endure so much at once! If only we could schedule our disorders and give ourselves lots of breathing room in between! I have fibromyalgia and what is sometimes called myofascial pain: the chewing muscles are in spasm, grinding and contracting all the time. I do not have trig-pts: is it possible you have facial myalgia like me? Are you pleased with your dr and getting help with your pain? God bless, Al [email protected]

: : Does this illness manifest itself in clicking , grinding and clenching one's teeth awake and asleep? I have recently been diagnosed with fibromylogia and I recently started clicking my teeth together and sometimes grinding them awake and in my sleep. If so is there any way to stop it. I do not want to add gum disease to my other ailments. April

: April, I wear a mouth guard that the dentist made to fit my mouth. The grinding will cause tooth ware down, muscle pain, jaw pain, head aches and other problems if you let it go. Call your dentist's office and speak to him or her about this. If it were me I'd call monday. This is a very simple thing to stop. the problem. If I grind while driving I put my tounge between my teeth and that stops me. Good luck and take care, Kim

dear friend, I am not sure what fecet pain is but i to have alot of facial pain,grinding my teeth , sore jaw,burning in my mouth,tongue,gums,eye pain, earpain,sore throats,sores in my mouth or irrations anywhere in my mouth.I have so many sympptons throughout my body i can write a book! But the facial symptoms seem to always be there also alot of drky mouth. I went to see a TMJ specalists and also a oral mouth md. they agreed i must have developed alot of facial trg.p of course i have TMJ from the fibro. but they sain i have another syndrome called Burning Mouth ,and i do have splint i use at night!I haven't met anyone else with these symptoms, I thought I was gong to die like i have thought many times since i have had this i have seen dr. after dr. for is condition and others for them usually to say everything seems fine, or for them to downplay it like its not anything to worry about. good luck michelle..

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