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Posted by Louise on August 07, 2000 at 14:19:15:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Lisa for info on Bunion Surgery posted by Lisa on August 07, 2000 at 13:34:17:

: : : : I have read all the post from everyone who is so supportive regarding bunion surgery. I am
: : : : scheduled to have surgery on Aug. 16 and I am so apprehensive about it. It is my right foot,
: : : : I do have a severe bunion, no pain with open shoes, but my other toes are beginning
: : : : to become effected. I do have some arthritis in it too. I am very active and run about
: : : : 5 times a week (3miles) I am 54, and I would love to hear from someone as to how long
: : : : it will take me to drive, walk without crutches, etc. To say the least, I am very worried. I am
: : : : worried that I will be worst than I am now, since I really do not have pain at this time. My Podiatrists
: : : : says that the gait is at 15???? and that is the limit for a regular surgery. Any suggestions
: : : : or words of comfort for this chicken little. Thank you

: : : : Thank you for any information you can give me.

: : : Hi Louise,

: : : I had bunion surgery on both of my feet at once about 13 years ago. An orthopedic surgeon who
: : : performed the surgery... My feet were in bad shape and I also had hammer toes. As I remember
: : : walking was so very difficult for me for a normal distance like walking in the mall or something..
: : : I was aout 33 yrs old.. I stayed on crutches for a maximum of 5 weeks and my cast was taking
: : : off after 4 weeks... I had 2 little ones back then and remember I think it took me about a week
: : : or so after the cast was taken off to drive .. Slowly at the beginning.. All in all I would say from 5-6
: : : weeks. The pain was for the first week only and wiht pain killers was tolerable...
: : : My surgery was a success and never had any pain or bunion growth since I had the surgery done.

: : : Best of luck to you and if you need to know any more info, I'll be more than happy to answer you.

: : : Let's us know how things go with your surgery....

: : : Lisa

: :
: : Hi Lisa
: : I really do appreciate your info. I guess I am
: : just concerned with the amount of time it takes
: : to recuperate. I am going to see the dr. on Tuesday and I guess I will address all my fears. As of now I do not have any hammer toes, but I
: : know that eventually the big toe will effect the others. It is starting now. Lisa did you have
: : pins placed in your foot....did they have to realign your toe JOINT. Last week my freinds told me that abc had a segment on bunion surgery
: : and they said that unless it is absolutely necssary...don't do it! That's why I am nervous.
: : Do you exercise now? How long before you could
: : do any exercise? Thanks for any information you
: : remember. Take care Louise

: Hi Louise,
: To answer your question, I didn't have any pins or needles.. but my big toe was going almost on top of the 2nd toe... After surgery my big toe was
: 100% aligned with the rest of my toes....
: Sorry, cant' lie to you, I don't remember how long it took me to go back to exercises at the gym but I sure was running agter my 3 and 5 years olds
: after about 6 weeks... LOL....

: Again best of luck to you and please come back and let me know how you're doing...

: Lisa

Well Lisa, I am going for one more I said before..............I really don't have
that much pain at I am wondering if I have to do this. The only time I feel
some pain is when I wear tight shoes................which I never do anymore. I figured one more
opinion wouldn't hurt. I go tomorrow and I will let you know how I make out. Take care
and thanks.

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