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Posted by Harry on August 30, 2000 at 16:31:52:

In Reply to: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome posted by Glen on August 30, 2000 at 13:35:14:

It has been proven that those people who work out a lot have the least amount of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Your problem with your ankles has probably kept you from keeping up any kind of exercise program. So that would surely contribute to the problem.
I would also suggest that when you are at a keyboard that even before you start, that you sit there and get in a relaxed position. As amazing as it seems, there are those people who will work at a keyboard for hours in a tight and terrible position which will surely cause them problems. See if you can do any kind of aerobic exercising with your arms since you are probably not capable of doing something with your legs. Swimming is a possibility though I personally don't really like it all that much and then you always have to go to a pool which is extra time. Just try some form of arm exercises without having to use your hands too much and do it for about 30 minutes non stop per day.

I can't really say what your ankle problem is without having a more accurate description of it and its location but there is an ankle problem called Sinus Tarsi Syndrome which you might have. The sinus tarsi is the joint on the outside of the foot just below the ankle joint. It's just below and outside the ankle bone. Sometimes after ankle sprains or overuse, a scar tissue can form there which causes pain when the foot moves from side to side. An MRI scan might show it but an x-ray won't. You can get a cortisone shot to dissolve the scar tissue. However, I have yet to see any cortisone shot that has helped other than Dr. Steven Subotnick's Cortisone where he includes some other compounds with it that have great results in disolving scar tissue.
I highly suggest a visit to this Doctor out in San Leandro, California. He has practiced podiatry more than 25 years and has come across thousands of foot problems and has used trial and error on his patients in the past until he has achieved the desired results.
If you go to Kaiser hospital and don't get any results, it's no wonder. I got completely fed up with Kaiser and have left them all together.

: About six years ago I developed chronic pain in my ankles through exercise. After one event the pain did not go away. Six months later I developed tendonitis in my wrists. To make a long story short I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Sydrome in my wrists and no diagnosis for my ankles other than tendonitis. Based on my own personal research and findings of what alleviates or "makes bearable" the chronic pain in my ankles I believe it is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Has anyone else experienced or is experiencing both TTS and CTS?

: If you could offer me any suggestion I would be much indebted to you. I also have many ideas and methodologies I have utilized to alleviate chronic pain and can share.

: Glen

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