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Posted by Vivian on October 02, 2000 at 15:03:48:

In Reply to: Re: ingrown toe nails posted by Deb on August 17, 2000 at 00:16:10:

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: : : : : What should I do....the toe nails on my big toes grow down in on the outside corners of both toes.
: : : : : Instead of the nail coming up over the skin like it should, its the other way around. The skin cups up over the toe nail and the nail grows into it and down into the corner.
: : : : : They are very painful. I can usually get them dug out enough to stand it for awhile but haven't been able to this time.

: : : : Darwin, It's time for a little surgery. I had this done in my doctors office about seven years ago. It took about 20 mins and I never had the problem again. It's painfull for a few day's (your doctor will put you on pain medication) but it's well worth it!!! Good Luck from an x digger :-)

: : : Hi! Thanks for your response. What exactly did they do to you. Dig they dig them out ? What kept them from growing back down in there?
: : : Or did they change the shape of the end of your toe so there wasnt a cupeed place for it to grow into? Please explain. And did it really hurt?Thank you very much for your help>

: : Darwin, I really didn't want to get into this, but okay this is what happens... The doctor has to get to the root of the ingrown nail, so he or she will give you an injection that will numb the area. At that point the doctor will remove the side of the the nail (and root) that is growing into the skin.. Yes it is painful :-( but your doctor will prescribe a pain medication for you :-)
: : Darwin, as I said before, it's works and I have been pain free for about seven years now. In fact I will be having the toe on my other foot done this fall. So Good Luck to you.. Keep me posted :-)

: I have had surgery on both of my big toes. The first one I went to a regular M.D. it was very painful. The second time I went to a Podiatrist(foot doctor) and I didnt feel a thing after he numbed it. They are for the most part very successful but their is a percentage that does grow back. Make sure that they put a chemical on the root of your nail so there is less chance of this. My insurance covered this so it was well worth it.It does take a few weeks to be completely healed but I had no problem with wearing my shoes or going to work. The actual ingrown toe nail is much more painful then having this kind of surgery. Just to let you know you can get blood poisoning if you let it go too long this is what I was told by my doctor. Do it as soon as possible,you'll be glad that you did, I was. And yes it did change the shape of my toes on the corner but nothing that anyone has ever noticed and I have had no problems since Ive had it done.

Darwin, how do you prevent a recurrence of ingrown toe nail after a partial cut on the toenail?

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