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Posted by JOANNE on October 10, 2000 at 07:20:51:

In Reply to: Re: Bunion surgery on both feet posted by Diane on October 07, 2000 at 00:35:13:

In reply to all your posts. I had both of my feet operated on. My surgery was on June 20th this year and my feet are doing great. I think it's better to have both your feet done at once. It cuts your recovery time down as your feet will recover at the same time. I hardly had any pain at all after surgery in the actual big toe bones or where I had the screws put in. I had both my second toes shortened and had screws put in them as well, so this dragged on my recovery time. But if it was only the bunionectomy then the recovery time would have been cut down to 4 weeks and painless. The post op boots are just like big fat shoes with hard flat bases so that your toes don't bend. And u wear them all the time except for when you are sleeping. You will need to bathe with plastic bags on your feet so as not to wet them. Over all I am extremely happy with the way my feet look and feel after surgery and would advise anyone to have it done if they have bad bunions...

: Thanks for the reply Kathy. Well I don't think I'm having osteotomies but will have screws
: in both toes to hold in place. Did you have both feet done at once?
: Diane

: : I have had bunionectomies and osteotomies. The osteotomy is where they break the foot
: : bone. If you are having osteotomies, you will probably regret having them at the same
: : time. If you are just having bunionectomies without any bone breaking, it might not be so
: : bad. I am not sure, as all my surgeries involved breaking bones.

: : KC

: : : I will be having bunion surgery in 2 weeks and have elected to have both feet done at one time. I've been putting it
: : : off for years and now just want to get it over with all at once. What is your view on this? Sounds like I will be
: : : somewhat incapacitated having both done at one time and in some kind of surgical boots 24 hrs a day. Forgot to
: : : ask if I can take them off to bathe. Am I making a big mistake doing two at once?? Also I live alone but will have
: : : some help part of the day. Thanks for your input!

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