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Posted by S. Towns on October 17, 2000 at 09:30:55:

In Reply to: BUNION SURGERY UNDER LOCAL ANESTHESIA? posted by MARY on October 12, 2000 at 13:16:07:

I was under local anesthesia - given through an IV. I had both feet done at the same time. You will
be completely out with local. You won't have to worry about the tube and stuff being put down
your throat like with general. I was happy when they said local would be the case. After
surgery do EXACTLY what the doctor instructs - no more no less. After some weeks it will also
be important to do some toe exercises so that you can get back into shoes comfortably.

: I recently saw a podiatrist who told me that the only way to fix my bunions was through surgery. The surgery is to require breaking the bones in each foot in order to realign each of the big toes. The surgery will also require scraping bone off the side of each foot, and fixing one hammer toe. He plans to do this surgery under local anesthesia, although he tells me that he will sedate me so that I will not even feel the needle for the local surgery or remember it. This seems like an awful lot to go through under local anesthesia. Is local anesthesia normal for this kind of surgery??

: Also, I've been reading about all of the other people who went through bunion surgery and it has been really
: helpful. Have people had problems with tendons or ligaments being overly tightened or the bones being misaligned? (Or any other problems to be aware of??)

: Any information would be really helpful and greatly appreciated! Thanks out there!

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