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Posted by Brianna on October 23, 2000 at 20:12:40:

I'm looking for any answers, I'm in extreme pain. Lately I've been walking around more than usual and my feet are terribly painful. My feet are size 10 1/2 mens and are unusually wide for a female. I'm also obese, and I know well how this can affect my feet. I've had mild pain for years now. But this is very different. I can't walk but a block without the pain getting severe. I've gotten arch supports but they made my feet hurt worse. I'll describe whats going on.

Over the past 7 yrs I've often sprained my ankles, each severely at least once. I can be standing in one place, and all of a sudden the muscles let go and I fall to one side or the other. I wind up standing on the outside of my ankle joint w/ my foot turned inward. I've never had the money to get proper medical care, so I just "walked" the sprain away. Now lately, people have been noticing I walk ackwardly. My feet turn inward when I walk, and I sometimes hobble a bit. I've also noticed I am walking very very slowly compared to just a year or so ago.
After I've done just a bit of walking, the underside of my arch feels like its on fire, and its tingling and sore. Also in the tops of my feet and my ankles I can feel the joints grating. Heel pain is also a problem. I've had orthopedic shoes reccommended to me by a friend, but I have no money and its kind of a stigma I guess. I'm desperate here. I need to know if I should get this checked out or if its not that serious. Its affecting my work. Just walking a few blocks between taking the bus really hurts.
What can I do? I'm only 20.


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