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Posted by Sharonda Towns on October 30, 2000 at 11:04:05:

In Reply to: Re: Bunionectomy Recovery posted by Sharonda Towns on October 26, 2000 at 10:11:14:

: : : I had foot surgery on July 20, 2000. It's been a pretty good recovery. But, at almost 3 months I am still
: : : experiencing a little swelling. I can wear some of my old shoes, however they are a little tight. Has anyone
: : : experienced swelling after almost 3 months? It's so frustrating because I'm having to buy new shoes
: : : for temporary use. I'm wondering how long this swelling will last.

: : I also had foot surgery on Sept. 22, 2000 and I have to admit it was a lot more painful than I had anticipated.
: : I just had the pin removed this week by the bunion area and next week will have the pin in my toe removed
: : and hopefully that will not be painful. I still have quite a bit of swelling and still wearing that
: : tacky cast boot! I hope to be wearing sneakers next week after the pin removal.
: : My question is I am an avid exerciser and not doing my step aerobics for the past
: : 5 weeks is killing me, how long before I can go back to step aerobics and power walking. At
: : least I can use the gym and do stationery biking and using the nautilus equipment.
: : I eventually will have to have the other foot done but not till next year. Thanks

: I wore sneakers 4 weeks after my surgery, and by week 5- 6 I began walking around the park
: for exercise. The miles varied - I just did what my feet could handle. I too am an avid exerciser
: and I couldn't wait to start back running and biking. My doctor instructed me not to weightlift or
: lift anything heavy for that matter until about the 7-8 week period. At about 71/2 weeks I was
: on the Elliptical machine and stairclimber. I started back running and lifting at 8 weeks. So,
: you're almost back full swing with your activities. I notice that my feet swell just a little after
: running. Now I am curious about the pins. Do you have to have surgery again to get those out?

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