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Posted by Emily on November 09, 2000 at 10:56:07:

In Reply to: Re: Calcaneous fracture and broken tendosn posted by Bob on April 16, 2000 at 22:26:07:

: : I'm 31 years old. I had a month ago a fracture of the calcaneus and many tendons broken.

: : The first doctor I saw made me to be in bed one week with ice and the leg up. After that week he prescribed me a cam boot to be used for two months. According to him I could take of the cam boot only to take a bath and to sleep. He gave me instructions of start trying to walk with the cam boot.

: : Since for me was very difficult to use the cam boot because of the pain, next day I went to another doctor to look for a second opinion. The other doctor said the calcaneous fracture was small but there were many broken tendons so he put me a plaster and gave me an appointment for the next three weeks. I have continued the treatment with the second doctor.

: : On September 8 I will have 4 weeks of the fracture and 3 weeks with the plaster but I have still many pain and the foot still is inflamated specially if I put the leg down. If I put the leg up the plaster weight gives me pain also.
: :
: : I would like to know which should be the correct treatment for a calcaneous fracture and broken tendons.
: : And how long will take the recovery process?
: : What should be done and what shouldn't be done?
: : Thanks

: I know this follow-up note is definitely a long time after your fracture and I hope you are feeling better by now. I fractured my calcaneous on March 31. I went to the emergency room at Vanderbilt Medical center in Nashville. They immediately did x-rays, determined the calcaneous was fractured (severly per my doctor), called the on-call orthopaedic surgeon, ordered CT scans of my right foot and I was in surgery within 11 hours. I am still uncomfortable at times and I know what you mean about the pain when you put your foot down. OUCH!! I do not know whaqt to say now for you as I am hoping you are better. As for anyone else who may be reading this like I did after my fracture, get medical help and do not take no for an answer. Surgery fixed me right up and I think my foot is going to heal much quicker than the 3 months I was told it would take. I do not know that for sure, but the pain has definitley calmed down over the course of the past couple of weeks.

: Anyone who has just fractured their calcaneous (heel)...i know what you are going through. It is the most incredible pain, speaking from a guys perspective, I have ever felt. Not just the pain, but the entire inconvenience to you and your friends and family..especially if yours is like mine and on the right foot...NO DRIVING! NO PRESSURE...for 3 months so say the doctors.

: I will quit for now. Anyone else out there that would like to chatr about this, feel free to respond to this, send me email to [email protected]

I fractured both of my calcaneous bones on June 15, 1999, over a year ago and am still in severe pain. The fracture was so severe that the pressure fractured three vertabrae as well. I had surgery immediately and have since had the screws used to repair the bone removed. I was told that time was the only remedy until recently when a doctor familiar with calcaneous fractures in New York told me that surgery would significantly improve my condition and that if I do not have surgery to reconstruct the bone (which is now the wrong shape and positioned incorrectly) that my joint will be destryoed when I am 40. I know it has only been a year since my injury, does the pain improve signifcantly after several more years, or is there little advantage to waiting to get surgery? Has anyone had a second surgery to reconstruct the calcaneous bone? Thanks, Emily

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