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Posted by TAMI on November 09, 2000 at 18:23:28:

In Reply to: plantar facia posted by slate on October 29, 2000 at 09:07:31:

: My 16 has developed pain in the bottom of her right foot. We have been to 2 Doctors who say it is soft tissue tear. We had a bone scan that was negative. Both dr. say she can go back to running with limited participation. If she can with stand the pain then its ok to participate. No doctor has used the word plantar facia, but all symptoms lead to this. She has not competed for 6 weeks. She is getting depressed. Can anyone help. We have bought orthodic inserts for her shoes.

Plantar Faciaitis is a really painful disorder. I have it from time to time and it is related to overuse and poor support as well as inadequate stretching of the achilles tendon..achilles tendonitis and plantar faciatis are the samr thing. The main support of the arch is the achilles tendon. It connects to the heel and to the heel and front part of the foot forming the entire support system for the bones of the ankle and foot. Rest id the best treatment of course. PAIN is the result of DAMAGE and happens to keep us from doing more damage until what has been done is healed.I had several injections of steroids inm order to keep working when I was younger and now wish I hadn't as I have boney spurs on my heels where the tendons attach. So, when I walk a lot it's like walking on a rock on the bottom of my heel.She needs to be patient and let it heal up and keep it well stretched. Have you been going to a good PODIATRIST? If not get her to one. Orthopods are not all thjat great with feet.

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