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Posted by Donna B on November 16, 2000 at 18:29:57:

In Reply to: Single, stabbing pain under crease (underside) of big toe joint posted by David M on October 23, 2000 at 20:23:38:

: About a week ago I was walking in shoes when I suddenly felt as if I'd stepped on a piece of glass -- a stabbing pain came from the underside of my big toe. I took my shoes and socks off, inspected the area, but could find no redness, no apparent point of entry, or anything else that looked as if I'd been stabbed... but sure enough, when I pressed on the area or flexed or contracted my toe, the stabbing pain hit me from a particular spot where the toe joint bends and forms a crease.

: It has been that way for a week now, and comes and goes. It is in my left big toe only, where the skin/flesh creases when I curl my toe. I can literally pinpoint the spot, as if a needle is being pushed into my toe. There is still no redness, no swelling, no scaly skin, no itching... and although there is a slight callous, the callous has always been there and there's one on the opposite toe, too, that presents no symptoms. It's not a corn; I've had those in the past and recognize them.

: Any clues? It isn't getting worse, just hurts like hell. If I bend and straighten my toe several times, quickly, it hurts a lot, but the pain goes away, as if it has exhausted itself. A few minutes later, especially if I haven't moved it, the pain comes back. On bad days, I walk funny and my whole foot ends up hurting.

: Thanks!

I had the same thing happen to me about two years ago and it continuously got worse. My
podiatrist blamed it on flat feet and I had several x-rays. Finally about May of 2000 a bone scan
revealed an abnormality. Turns out my sesamoid bone is broken. It is right about the spot you
indicated under the big toe crease. It feels like glass is in my foot but it is the broken bone. I
went to a specialist yesterday and found out the only way to fix it is to remove the bone (we
have two so it should be alright) I am told the surgery will alleviate my pain, which like I said,
has been going on for two years. Perhaps I can help you early and tell you it sounds like your
sesamoid bone and you can find more information on the internet by putting in that title. There
is also sesamoidtitis which is inflamation of the sesamoid bone in case it is not broken.

Hope this helps

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