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Posted by LAB on November 20, 2000 at 00:19:49:

In Reply to: NEED ADVICE! Orthodics vs Surgery? posted by MRB on November 04, 2000 at 10:59:26:

Dear MRB - I'm recovering from my second surgery (left foot, then right foot) re: hallux limitus. My podiatrist started out with conservative treatment via orthodics which help significantly when playing tennis and/or walking around a track. However, orthodics don't fit in all shoes (i.e. dress shoes for work) and won't actually fix the underlying problem. In my case, it was severe enough to go for the surgery which I do not regret at all. The pain relief was significant and, according to my podiatrist bought me 10 (with tennis) to 20 or even 30 years (quitting tennis) without further surgery. I still wear my orthodics while playing tennis. My podiatrist also performed the surgery, not an orthopod. My surgery shortened and repositioned the bone and included a cleaning up of the affected joint (I had severe cartilege damage in one foot). I was walking without crutches or cane immediately with a surgical shoe (not without some pain the first two days, however) and had some additional physical therapy on the first surgery. The second surgery went significantly better (my doctor says they generally do) and I don't think I'll need therapy this time around. Hope this helps..good luck!

: Hi. I was recently dx. with hallux limitus and elevation of first metatarsal. I have seen both a Podiatrist and and Orthopedic Surgeon - both agree on diagonosis but differ on how to treat. Otrhodics might help with symptoms, but I think ultimately I will have to have surgery. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had tx for this condition.

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