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Posted by LAB on November 20, 2000 at 00:29:00:

In Reply to: hallux limitus posted by C. Whittman on August 22, 2000 at 14:05:40:

I had the same condition and am recovering (with an attractive surgical shoe) from my second surgery to correct the problem (left foot, then right foot). If you are very active, your condition will probably only get worse with more pain and less range of motion. Orthodics help me significantly while playing tennis (I still wear them after the surgery too) or walking around a track/park but orthodics don't fit in all shoes (i.e. dress shoes for work, etc) and won't correct the underlying problem which, in my understanding as explained by my wonderful podiatrist, is a longer-than-normal hallux bone. Surgery significantly relieved my pain. I take Aleve for pain after tennis but I no longer take it on a daily basis. Hope this helps....good luck! LAB

: My podiatrist said I have hallux limitus (I guess its osteoarthritis in the big toe joint) the joint area is getting larger & more painful. I am only comfortable wearing athletic type shoes, I do have some pain even then. He told me I could have surgery to clean out the joint area on the big toe...has anyone had this?? The toe joint gets very painful when I do a lot of walking. I also am very active, lots of tennis/running & walking, aerobics etc. I still am able to do these things but I think its affecting the way I run & walk. Ibuprofin seems to help. Please if anyone has this type of problem & has had the joint area cleaned I sure would appreciate it, I don't know what to do. It would be nice to wear a nicer pair of shoes again & I have a closet full of shoes I cannot wear. Thanks. Cindy

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