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Posted by Irene on December 09, 2000 at 08:50:39:

In Reply to: Re: How do you treat plantar wart? posted by Deborah on November 02, 2000 at 22:05:12:

: Soak your foot in warm soapy (liquid dish soap) water. Do this just a few times and it will disappear.

: Get yourself a thin, _sharp_ and _clean_, x-acto knife, some alchohol, and some gauze and bandages. Sterilize the area and the knife with the alchohol. Cut carefully around the edge of the wart, and inwards. Dig down a little less than the wart is across. The wart, I am told, is conical, so will make your cutting easier. It does hurt, but it's not excruciating. Be sure to apply a fair bit pf pressure using your free hand, near the area of the wart (I find just slightly behind works well) to keep the bleeding down, else you will bleed like a stuck pig. Once you've excised the rotten sod, put the gauze on, and apply a fair bit of pressure for .. well, until it mostly stops bleeding, which can be 20 minutes. Watch a sitcom or something. After that, put clean gauze on, and secure with a fabric bandage. Keep pressure off as much as possible the first day. Change twice a day - after showering in the morning, and before bed. You want to keep the foot clean and dry. Avoid the gym, public pools, etc for 10 days or so. You can leave the dressing off at night after the first night has passed, but I suggest leaving it on the fist night to keep and possible blood off the sheets.

: : Now, I wouldn't suggest this if you've got a big wart, cause it'll probably hurt a whole lot more, or if you've got multiple warts. Get your doctor to treat those. But, for smallish warts, I prefer to deal with them myself. One word of caution: make sure you get it all! They can and will grow back if you only get a bit of it out. If you're squeamish, or can't take a bit of pain, don't attempt this - seek treatment from your doctor. And don't go knife happy either - be judicious in your cutting 0 it _is_ your foot after all, and you're going to have to walk in to work tomorrow.

: : : : Hi there! Tea Tree oil is a great treatment for plantar warts! I had a huge one on the bottom of one of my feet. I put pure Tea Tree oil into a yogourt lid or sour cream and I put it on the floor (on a piece of plastic in the event of spillage occurring) I placed my foot onto the lid and just sat there watching T.V. or I would read a book for about an hour or more. I did this about 3 times and the wart completely disappeared!!! so it does work - give it a try!

: : : : Penni
: : : : : Hi
: : : : : I 'd appreciate if someone could give me more info on
: : : : : the treatment of plantar wart.

: : : : : My foot hurts and the wart is there for more than 3 months. Unfortunately, in the past 3 weeks it has been driving me crazy during training.

: : : : : Thanks for any follow up.

: : : I got rid of mine by applying castor oil to the warts and then covering with a bandage.
: : : Be patient, for it will take two to three weeks for you to notice improvement.
: : : BTW apply the oil twice daily.

:::::I got rid of mine by taking olive leaf extract capsules 6/day for 1 week. I started taking the olive leaf extract to get rid of a cold (it's a great antiviral herb) and found that during the time I took the herb, my plantars wart went away. This is no coincidence- my wart was almost 1 inch in diameter and had survived a year of acid treatment from podiatrists and seven liquid nitrogen treatments. I was a couple weeks away from laser surgery to remove it when I found that it began to disappear with the olive leaf extract. Try it!

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