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Posted by rhone on September 28, 1999 at 00:01:15:

In Reply to: Calcaneous fracture and sub-talar fusion-what to do next? posted by Charlotte on August 28, 1999 at 12:38:33:

: 7 years ago I suffered a calcaneous fracture in an auto accident. We live in a rural area and I had no immediate treatment other than non-weight bearing. Last year, trying to eliminate the continuing pain, I had a sub-talar fusion. The pain is worse now. I have been to several Drs trying to find a solution. I do not qualify for the ankle joint replacement because of the prior surgery. The only options I have been given are a total ankle fusion and another fusion which would take bone from my hip to raise my foot back up to a more normal, but stiff, height. My main objective is relief from the pain. I have had 2 nerve blocks done with short term relief. I would like to have the foot and ankle denerved. I realize this would also pose a new set of problems, which I am aware of. Problem is, I cannot find a Dr willing to do this. My objective is pain relief. Frankly, I am not looking forward to 6 months in a cast again! I've been there twice. Any help?
Hello- I had a similar problem as you. I had bilateral calcaneous fractures 5 years ago. Although I haven't resorted to the fusion yet, and am still in a good bit of pain, I will tell you what my regimen is(sometimes the relief can be quite beneficial,but it obviously depends on the amount of strain you place on the feet):I recieve cortison shots into the joint, which seems to eliminate some of the tenderness,I use johnson's foot soak in a foot bath massager at least twice a week or when the pain is particularly bad. If you have someone that can give you a good foot massage once a week or more, you will see what a blessing this can be to stretch out the ligaments-or give yourself a massage if you have to. I recieved medical care shortly after the break- and I remember a type of boots that I wore that helped with the initial excruciating agony of walking. Perhaps these would help you-but I have to tell you that they are quite cumbersome and they may make walking regularly quite a chore, but they do help the pain aspect to a degree. The name of the orthopedic doctor who initially treated me is Doctor Gregory Fulchiero in Altoona, PA. He is an excellent surgeon and I consider him a miracle worker since I was informed in the emergency room that I would never walk again. You may want to look him up. I have also heard that there is a new treatment pending approval by the FDA that is currently being used for knee replacement. It is some kind of joint replacement. That is what I am waiting for. I hear it works well for the knees. Another good doctor is Doctor Darren Barbacci of Altoona,PA. I believe getting a good doctor is probably the most important first step to take. If all else fails, there are pain medications available but they tend to make some people(like myself)violently ill. Hang in there. I know what a terrible injury you have, but remember to thank God each day that you can even walk-with or without pain:) There are better days ahead....

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