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Posted by Joshua Cathey on October 28, 1999 at 13:55:01:

I've had a toenail fungus problem since I was a toddler - 5 of my nails are thick, hard and yellowish. I was prescribed "Sporanox" about 8 months ago. It was a "pulse pack" - I took 3 pills a day for a week, then nothing for three weeks, then 3 pills a day for a week, and so on. I was given a 3 month prescription and my nails were supposed to grow out normally within a year. Well, they started to really improve after a couple of months but I must not have taken the pills for long enough, because they are reverting back to their original condition and getting worse - but that's not my real concern. I just mentioned this because it could be related to my new problem.
The skin on my toes and the bottom of my feet are peeling like I've never even heard of before. I am peeling patches of skin up to 2 inches square - some of my toes peeled of in one single piece. About two weeks before it started I had noticed that my feet were itching and irritated, then one day it all just started to peel. I no longer have any irritation but I'm getting concerned about the peeling - it's gone on for about 2 weeks now.
The itching seemed to start when the weather got cooler and I started wearing socks and shoes instead of my summer-long sandals. I can't be certain that's when it started, though.
I'm really concerned now because one of my fingers just peeled today - the rest still look normal though. The new skin under the peeling seems fine as well, and it hasn't peeled as of yet.
Is this just a severe case of athlete's foot, or is there a known condition that matches these symptoms? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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